AirSense Hypernet Controller
AirSense Wireless, the European market leader in Wi-Fi/Cellular Network Interoperability, provides technology that results from combining Cellular and Wi-Fi networks with optimised services and is known as Hypernet. AHC is used by the world’s largest communications companies.
What is the Hypernet?
The Hypernet is increasingly gaining traction as the generic term to describe the ecosystem that results from combining the Internet with cellular and data networks. It is growing in importance today due to the recent exponential growth in mobile data, driven by escalating user demand for connectivity.
Today’s mobile devices users all over the world are finding it easy to build basic Hypernets. However, it is far from the effortless experience it could be.​​​​​​​
AirSense Connect Application uses AHC technology. It enables seamless switching between networks and allows the company’s customers to devise and execute their own Hypernet strategy. That makes network operators and developers able to deliver better, more intelligent user experiences.
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